What's changed in 2.3.3b11 (315)

  • Fix: "In Finder Selection" won't show duplicate names any more, and will not use an excessive width.
  • New scripting features, allowing for searching of folder content sizes and item count.

What's changed in 2.3.3b10 (314)

  • Fixes a crash when deleting folders and if the option "Deleted Items Remain Visible" is not checked. Was introduced in previous beta.
  • Hot Key can be set to cmd-F again, provided the option "Works only in Finder" is checked.

What's changed in 2.3.3b9 (313)

  • New: The "File Content" rule now looks inside zip files, including .docx (Word) and .xlsx (Excel) files.
  • Fix: Using Copy with the ctrl key ("JSON format") now writes the values for "dataForkSize" and "rsrcForkSize" correctly (they were switched until now).
  • Fix: Using Copy with the shift key ("Copy columns") outputs the size column as a plain number instead of using units (K, M, G), so that these values can be better used in a spreadsheet.
  • Fixes the toolbar items defaults for the Results window.
  • New hidden pref key: "Finder selection gets front window" – if true, FAF always uses the topmost Finder window as the target, ignoring any selection in it.

What's changed in 2.3.3b8 (312)

  • Improves the Toolbar in the Results window:
    • Shows narrower items with a pop-up menu if the space is too tight on macOS Big Sur and Monterey.
    • You can now customize the Toolbar (ctrl-click on it) and choose the older textual switches instead of the new icons.
  • Fix: The rule "Kind is not Video" does now correctly exclude video files.
  • Some improvements to the new Scripting feature.

What's changed in 2.3.3b7 (310)

  • New: Highlighting can now be switched off in the View menu.
  • New: Adds "is either of" rule, in case one wants to find any of a set of specific file or folder names.
  • Change: The rules in the Find window use less horizontal space.
  • Change: When choosing the iCloud folder as a search location, FAF will search all iCloud related application folders, not just the "iCloud Drive" folder.
  • Fix: Highlighting now works for all "Name …" rules except "does not contain" and "matches RegEx".
  • Fix: Beta versions do not permanently modify the Update check options any more.
  • Fix: The new switch "Show Untranslated File Names" in the View menu isn't disabled any more in recent macOS versions.
  • Fixes some reported crashes.

What's changed in 2.3.3b6 (309)

  • New: Highlights the search text in the results. Still not too happy with the colors. I'm open to suggestions.
  • Fix: Does not crash any more when adding a very long text to the search input.
  • Fix: The popup-window for entering multiple search values (with "contains any of" and "ends with any of" rules) is not wrapping the text any more, and the field is now wider.

What's changed in 2.3.3b5 (308)

  • Fix: "Find All" (root mode) works again.
  • Fix: Scripts work on Apple Silicon (M1) Macs.

What's changed in 2.3.3b4 (307)

  • Fix: JavaScript debugging is finally possible, but only with a special version of FAF that you'll need to download separately. Please see the updated Scripting docs.
  • Fix: The app's code signature won't get invalidated any more after the first run.
  • Note: Lua scripts currently don't work on Apple Silicon systems. JavaScript scripts work, though. I'll get that fixed tomorrow. As a work-around until then, you can force the app to run in Rosetta, via the "Get Info" command in Finder.

What's changed in 2.3.3b3 (306)

  • Change: The Script rule now has verbs "matches" and "does not match".
  • Fix: Single rules without text input, such as "Kind is …" enable the Find button again (got broken in previous beta).

What's changed in 2.3.3b2 (305)

  • New: Scripted Rules allow for custom file matching with Lua or JavaScript code.
  • New: The context menu in the Results window now offers a Copy Paths command.
  • New: You can now paste one or more copied files or their paths directly into a results window. Before this, you had to drag the files into the window.
  • Fix: When performing another search while looking at the results of a previous search, the new Results window won't pop up in front any more.
  • Fix: Determining the Finder selection shouldn't stall FAF any more. (This used to happen whenever FAF was activated.)
  • Fix: Searching folders now properly skips excluded folders again.
  • Fix: The Dock icon won't clash any more with some other apps (such as Captin).
  • Fix: Reading .paths files now properly ignores comments and JSON lines, e.g. from Scherlock.app.

What's changed in 2.3.3b1 (303)

  • New: Unlock command removes the file locks (user & system) as well as any ACLs.
  • New: The … any of rules now allow entering multiple choices separated by returns instead of spaces, which enables you to provide a list of choices that contain spaces.
  • Change: The Path rule now matches on the entire path, not just on the item's enclosing path any more.