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Find Any File (FAF)

Key Features

  • Convenient folder and icon views for results
  • Can search in other users' home folders ("root" mode)
  • Queries can be saved for easy re-use
  • Can be launched with a self defined keyboard shortcut

New in version 2.4:

Purchasing Find Any File

Here you can purchase licenses that are meant to be used either as a "single user" (for accounts on any computers you and your household uses) or "single computer" (for professional use in a company or classroom where multiple users may use the same computer).

Have you already paid for FAF but cannot find your license? Click here to retrieve your registration code.

The licenses are for eternity, i.e. you only have to pay once. (I may charge extra for new features added at a later time, though they shall then be optional.)

Please download and try out the program before you pay for it. I generally do not issue refunds.

Find Any File costs US $6 if you pay here. The App Store has a fixed price of $8.

You have the following payment options:

If you need a formal invoice, please choose Paddle or the Mac App Store, not Paypal!

Once you've paid here, you'll get instructions on how to stop the recurring purchase reminder in the program.

Note: I advise against buying from the App Store because:

Paying with Paypal

You may either pay the minimum or pay more if you feel generous (I'd certainly appreciate it).

Choose what it's worth to you:

After payment you will get an email with instructions to the address you're using with Paypal.

Paying with Paddle


Volume purchases

If you like to purchase more than a handful and like to get a volume discount, contact me directly.